Boston’s Best Seafood Restaurants

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Boston has it all, including history, culture and location. The following great seafood restaurants add to the Boston experience:

Union Oyster House
Downtown Boston is home to the oldest continuously run restaurant in the country. Opened in 1826, it has had only three owners over the years, providing consistency in service and quality. Serving lunch and dinner seven days a week, the staff at Union provides a friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy some truly great seafood dishes.

Neptune Oyster
Open seven days a week, this restaurant in the North End offers a large variety (more…)

Visit cape Cod

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Visit Cape Cod: How To Make The Most Out of Your Boston Trip

What To See And Do In Boston
Boston is permeated with countless fun and exciting things to do. Further, Boston fills the traveler with unending experiences and memories. Whether you are traveling to the Cape or inside the city, there is plenty to do and see.

Where To Go By The Sea And On Land
Cape Cod is one (more…)

Boston Pops: The History and Heritage

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The Boston Pops Orchestra is a popular classical music group that was formed in 1885. Many of their concerts are regularly broadcast in the United States on Public Television stations.

The Pops was founded by Henry Higginson in order to have the Boston Symphony perform a Spring concert series that consisted of more popular works and light classical pieces. Over its history, most of those who were members of the Boston Pops were also members of the Boston Symphony.

In addition to its regular Spring schedule, the Boston Pops performs a special holiday concert eacy year. (more…)

Enjoy the Changing Seasons in Boston’s Parks

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If you are planning a trip to Boston then you will not want to miss the gorgeous parks. Winter, summer, spring, or fall, Boston has picturesque seasons that will astound you. Boston’s parks in the summer are perfect for playing ball and just lazing around. The highs are in the 80′s and you may want to wear shorts and tee shirts to keep cool. The days are hot and humid, while the nights are cool.

Spring in Boston is a time for love. The parks are (more…)

Great Neighborhoods to Consider if Moving to Boston

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Boston is one of the best cities in the United States. It is full of culture, has beautiful architecture and landscaping, and there is always something to do. The city has many different neighborhoods, each with its own culture and design. When moving to Boston, it is important to know which neighborhood is the best to live in.

The South End is arguably the best neighborhood in Boston to live. It is located near the Prudential building, Copley Square and Newbury Street. So shopping and dinning options are endless. It is also relatively quiet and gives a residential feel. (more…)

Discover Edgar Allan Poe’s Boston

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Boston, the birthplace of the Red Sox, Boston baked beans, and Edgar Allen Poe is a perfect vacation destination. Though Poe himself largely shunned Boston prefering to make his home in Baltimore, in recent years Boston has come to embrace it’s famous prodigal son.

For many years Boston has held itself estranged from the memory of the famous writer due to his unpopular, and dark opinion of his birth city. Poe square, near Poe’s birthplace, was dedicated in spring of 2009 to honor the accomplished, though tortured writer. This (more…)

Boston’s Literary Heritage

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Boston is the official home for experiencing what life was like before this present time. Finding a piece of Boston’s heritage is easy to do considering there are a lot of pieces available to indulge yourself in. For starters, the Freedom Trail is an amazing way to stroll down Boston’s memory lane while having a lot of fun. This self-guided, 2.5 mile long trail will take you through Boston’s oldest areas. It will consist of 16 sites that are some of Boston’s most historical sites. This journey on Freedom Trail (more…)

Boston Crme Pie Martini

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There is no better way to celebrate being in Boston than with a slice of Boston Crme Pie. For those who may not always have access to desserts but still want to toast the great city of Boston we provide the following recipe for an “all grown up” version of the city’s pie namesake. It’s yummy, so please remember to drink responsibly!Ingredients

1 shot vanilla vodka1 shot chocolate liqueur (we love Godiva)1 shot Irish Crme liqueur1 cup crushed iceChocolate syrup for garnish


  1. Combine all liquor ingredients and crushed ice in a cocktail shaker.
  2. Shake like it’s going out of style.
  3. Pour the yumminess into a chilled martini glass.
  4. Drizzle with a little bit of chocolate syrup and serve.

Because the recipe calls for all equal parts it’s easy to blend a batch for a crowd in advance of the festivities and then just shake with ice and serve portions as ordered.

Eat at Boston’s 75 Chestnut

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Located in Beacon Hill, 75 Chestnut serves the best in American cuisine. The restaurant has been serving great food and unique events since 1997. Since the restaurant is opens at 5pm, it is the ideal location for dinner. Chestnut has an ever changing menu; however, menu items have varied from Filet Mignon to Herb-Crusted Halibut Filet. The restaurant even serves delicious sandwiches: such as the Turkey Sandwich or the B.B.Q. Sirloin Steak Sandwich.After your unforgettable meal, indulge in one of the restaurant’s decadent desserts. Naturally, Chestnut includes a Boston Cream Pie on the menu. Furthermore, if you order the Children’s Charity Boston cream pie, a portion of the sale will go to Cheers for Children Charities. Other dessert choices include a crme brulee collection, a German apple strudel , and the 75 Chestnut sinful chocolate trilogy.Keep up to date with 75 Chestnut’s weekly events, too. For example, every Wednesday is Wine Wednesday. For 30, you can enjoy certain wines with a two course meal.Check the 75 Chestnut website for more on their delicious menu, as well as their entertaining special events.

Fun for Free

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The economic recession may finally be letting up, but most people are still looking for ways to save money, especially on vacations. If you’re planning a trip to Boston, you’re in luck. This city has plenty of activities that are great for friends and family, absolutely free. Check out of our favorites, for a cheap, good time.

  1. The Freedom Trail: This 2.5 mile-long, brick trail navigates visitors through the city to 16 different historical sites. A few of the sites charge admission fees but most can be toured for no charge. You can opt for the self-guided tour or book a tour along the trail at the Boston Common Visitors Center. The Freedom Trail takes you along a stroll through the beautiful city of Boston, present and past. (more…)